The Tennessee Association of Pastoral Therapists

 Providing collegiality and continuing education for clinical pastoral therapists and advocacy for

the profession of pastoral therapy in the Tennessee. 


Self Questionaire: Are you a "Pastoral Therapist?"

1. Are you interested the interface between psychology and religion? Spiritual development and personal maturity? Theology and experience?

2. What is you religious identity and affiliation: Are you a clergy person or "religious" with denominational or faith group endorsement? Do you have a theological denomination or faith group endorsement? Do you have theological education but no ordination? Are you now functioning in lay ministry or in a church-based setting or role?

3. What is the extent of your clinical training, supervision, and experience? Have you been clinically trained and supervised in a counseling internship? Have you had course work in diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders, and core clinical theory and practice, and pastoral counseling, history, theory, and practice? Have you had any specialized training or course work or recent continuing education in these areas?

4. Was your training in an integrated program a Pastoral counseling center, or was Your clinical and theological training separate? Was your program accredited, and if so, by which organization? What was its orientation and what was that of your supervisors? How were they accredited?

5. Would you like for have-colleagues with whom to dialogue about therapeutic practice- and individual and family-life issues in the context of a faith community and its resources?

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