The Tennessee Association of Pastoral Therapists

 Providing collegiality and continuing education for clinical pastoral therapists and advocacy for

the profession of pastoral therapy in the Tennessee. 

How to Become a Member of TNAPT

TNAPT seeks to Provide the following benefits to its members and affiliates:


  • Visibility/networking with mental health professionals and growth in our profession.
  • Effective legislative representation and monitoring
  • Participation in continuing education events
  • Opportunities for networking with colleagues who are interested in the interface between the theological and psychological dimensions of clinical practice.
  • Information about, and a mentoring process for, certification in the state as an advanced practitioner in the field of clinical pastoral therapy (CPT)



Membership and affiliate membership is open to:

  • ordained ministers or persons endorsed to a ministry of pastoral psychotherapy
  • persons certified by a national clinical certifying organization
  • therapists, ministers or spiritual directors with an interest in spirituality and faith issues
  • educators or students in the disciplines of psychology, religion, pastoral care, pastoral counseling, spiritual direction, and psychotherapy



In 2016, the TN General Assembly passed a law updating the requirements to become a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Therapist (LCPT).  The new law can be viewed by going to this link and clicking on Title 63, Chapter 22, Part 2.  The current application for license can be found HERE. 

The TN Board of Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Marital and Family Therapists, and Licensed Clinical Pastoral Therapists is currently updating the LCPT rules and regulations to reflect the new law.  For more information, please contact Laura Kreiselmaier (the current TNAPT president) at


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