TNAPT began as an organization of Pastoral Counselors in Tennessee who were interested in being legal advocates for licensure in Tennessee for the profession of Pastoral Counseling. In 2003 that goal was achieved with the new license in Tennessee for Clinical Pastoral Therapists. TNAPT now exists to promote the profession of Pastoral Counseling through a three-point mission.                                                                                  




Dr. Laura Kreiselmaier
Vice President

Rev. Dr. Brian Hooper

Rod Kochtitzky
Rev. Gary Wedgewood

East Tennessee Rep
Middle Tennessee Rep
Rev. Dr. Evon Flesberg
West Tennessee Rep
Rev. Evelyn Seals


Continuing Education Conference & Annual Meeting of the Tennessee Association of Pastoral Therapists
Friday & Saturday, September 7 & 8, 2018
Belmont University
Janet Ayers Academic Center
Nashville, TN 37212

The Heart Has Its Reasons:

An Introduction to HeartMath & Its Application to Spiritually Aware Psychotherapy

Presenter:  Myron R. Thurber, Ph.D., PT, LMHC, NCC, BCB, BCN

[4.5 CEUs approved by NBCC are available; on-time sign-in for each presentation required]

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TNAPT is an organization comprised of persons in Tennessee

who are interested in the profession of Pastoral Counseling. Learn more >>


 Collegiality >>
TNAPT exists as a collegial support for Pastoral Counselors in the State of Tennessee. We provide opportunities throughout the year for Pastoral Counselors to gather in social gatherings in the three major regions of Tennessee, in continuing education events, and at our annual meeting.

Continuing Education >>
TNAPT provides several continuing education opportunities throughout the year and at our annual meeting to assist Pastoral Counselors and others interested in counseling from a Pastoral perspective to remain effective in their practice and to meet the requirements for state licensure.


Advocacy >>
TNAPT desires to raise the public awareness of Pastoral Counselors as expertly qualified, theologically trained, mental health providers. TNAPT also continues to function as legal and legislative advocate for Pastoral Counseling in the State.